New Year's Eve Resolution Bowl

New Year’s Eve

Tuesday, December 31, 2019    |    8:00 p.m. - 1 a.m. Place: Vermont Zen Center | 480 Thomas Rd | Shelburne, VT

Tuesday evening, December 31, the Center will celebrate the beginning of the New Year with zazen, repentance, chanting, the Precepts, ringing of the Temple Bell 108 times, and a prayer for peace. Chanting and silence—with a bit of Buddhist bedlam at midnight—is a truly wonderful way to welcome the New Year. Friends and family are cordially invited to come to this ceremony; non-sitters are welcome to wait out the zazen portions in the living room or bring a chair into the zendo.

For the New Year’s Ceremony, bring some type of noisemaker, such as a kazoo, harmonica, recorder, or drum. Part of the ceremony is a noise-making kinhin to “drive out the demons.” We will also read the (unsigned) resolutions of ceremony participants. Write these resolutions down and place them in the resolution bowl when you arrive.

The schedule for the New Year’s Eve is as follows:

8-9:30 p.m.


Formal zazen with kinhin. Ringing of Temple Bell begins.



Repentance ceremony followed by tea break.



Formal zazen. Reading of resolutions. Purification of altars.



Driving out of Demons Circumambulation: Chanting & Noise-making.



Cacophony, ending with “Happy New Year! May Peace Prevail on Earth!”

12:01 a.m.


Moment of silence. Chanting: Prajna Paramita. Abbreviated Jukai Ceremony.



Candle-lighting Ceremony. New Year’s Prayer. Refreshments.

Members are welcome to bring family and children. Non-member adults (no children, please) are also welcome. Members' children can sleep in the bedrooms until the circumambulation or take part in all the ceremonies if they wish.

If you are coming from a distance and need to spend the night, you are welcome to stay at the Center; just let us know ahead of time. Many different things happen throughout the evening, so it is helpful to know who is coming. If you live out of town, please send an e-mail or give a call. We hope you will join us!