A summary of courses offered at the Vermont Zen Center.

Classes are taught by Sangha members and Roshi Graef.


Introductory Workshops on Zen

Introductory Workshops conducted by Roshi Graef and her students are a practical and authentic introduction to Zen Buddhism. During the half-day schedule of talks, question periods, demonstrations and guided meditation, participants are introduced to the body-mind disciplines of Zen. Workshops are held six times a year.

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A six-week course, held twice a year, in the ancient Buddhist meditation leading to the development of unconditional lovingkindness and friendliness. Lovingkindness, or Metta, is something you feel in your heart, a positive emotional state towards others as well as ourselves. Taught by senior students of Roshi Graef.

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Weekend Indian Meal

Indian Cooking

Four different vegetarian courses taught by Manju Selinger. The recipes are geared to enhance your knowledge of how to prepare delicious Indian food. You will learn how to make a variety of dishes under the careful guidance of experienced cooks in the Zen Center’s spacious kitchen.

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Flower Arranging Course at the Vermont Zen Center

Flower Arranging

Learn basic Ikebana and flower arranging elements used at the Vermont Zen Center: triangulation, depth, placement, color, container size and materials. Through understanding the interaction between spiritual practice and flower arranging, participants will gain an appreciation of the deeper meaning of flowers as offerings and as a way to bring a sense of tranquility to one’s environment.

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